Thank you for the session today. Not only did you take care of my chronic sore spots without me telling you the exact spots which was physically helpful, the ending reiki and sage was mentally helpful. Thank again, will see you soon!- Joo Hee Bennet 

Natalie was fantastic! I am an overly stressed over thinking hott mess- especially during the work day. I took a 2 hour lunch break to see her and completely let go of all of my stress for our hour session. Highly recommend! I haven’t ever had such a perfect experience with a massage therapist!- Gabriella Pants Mooney


Natalia is a bright light in a very dark world. I love her and everything she does! ♥ -Samantha Huewagen


Natalie is AMAZING!!! I have definitely found my massage therapist. Not only is she a really cool person, but she works magic with her hands. I’m so glad that our paths have crossed, and look forward to many more appointments with her! – Chanda Williams


Natalie is amazing! 💖 I always leave relaxed and refreshed! – Carey Hall


This was the first massage I’ve had where I did not have to ask for anything to be adjusted (pressure, etc). Touch is something you have to take seriously with intentions of healing, and I could tell Natalie takes healing to heart and means ever touch. Otherwise, you might as well get a massage from a chair! Thank you for caring about what you do (and being knowledgeable as well)! It means everything 🙂 – Yusef Robinson


I’m a performing musician. I deal with severe lower back and neck pain as well as occasional hand cramps. One day after a week of trying everything to relieve pain caused by extreme cramping in my fret hand I went to Natalie for a massage session. Not only was she able to relieve the pain in my hand, but I left her home feeling rejuvenated and revitalized throughout my entire body! One of the best massage experiences I’ve ever had.- Johnny Drogo


She’s a beautiful spirit, and skilled massage therapist. I want everyone to have the healing experience! – Lenore Thompson


Natalie works wonders. I was in my car on a long road trip and in 15 minutes she had all my knots worked out so I felt human again ❤️ Thanks, Nati!- Talia Coccia


Natalie has an amazing energy, with a healing touch that’s deliberate and strong. It’s clear that she truly enjoys working with bodies. She is the best. THE BEST. She has given me the best massage of my life. Worked out huge knots in my shoulders that I never thought I’d feel relief from. Don’t hesitate. xoxo- Jessica Pinkstone


Natalie was amazing! Had a super relaxing and releasing massage and reiki session with her! She really listened, was intuitive, and helped tremendously! I can’t wait to see her again!- Becca Fishman


Amazing. Magic hands. – Brooke Horner


She’s pure magic. Everyone needs a little soul realignment and Natalie is the perfect person to do it. Super relaxing, great energy and the perfect place to get a little balance ♥ – Brooke Sandefur


Natalie gave me such an amazing treatment that left me more relaxed than I’ve ever been in a massage session. She used some unique techniques to make me as comfortable as possible and I really enjoyed her nurturing touch. Five stars! -Gina Wilson